The strain has a powerful aroma and outstanding dessert taste. The plant has a medium-high height. For maximum yield, LST, ScrOG, fimming, topping and mainlining are recommended. The strain demonstrates lavender and purple colours when the night temperature is lower then day time.


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Sativa. A variant on your typical Dream Queen, this Sativa Dominant Strain was bred by crossing Green Crack, Mazar Star, and Skunk #1. The  Check Out My Reviews and Discounts Here. Some say that purple is the colour of good judgement; Purple Queen is the cool purple strain for the wise weed grower indeed. Sticky green is good, but pure,  Green Queen was bred by JB Dank Nugs and is the hybrid cross of Green Crack and Space Queen. Each of these strains has exceptional standalone effects,  on strong stems above a clump of sturdy, deer resistant evergreen leaves.

Green queen strain

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Smell and taste: Strong skunk; Sweet citrus; Reviews: The Queen Heron strain from @rise.cannabis is incredible. Lineage: Blue Heron x Ice Queen. Original Breeder: Dynasty Genetics. Grower: Green Thumb Industries.

Cannabis Strains Overview:. Green Queen strain is a cross between Space Queen and Green Crack. Green Queen is a Sativa dominant strain that takes the energetic, cerebral, stimulating qualities of Space Queen and mixes them with the fruity taste and happy, calming effects that Green Crack provides. Green Queen Being a very limited edition strain, if you see it, grab it!

I confirm that this is not a shared device. Darn! 2017-05-01 · Green Queen, also known as “Queen Green,” is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the powerful Green Crack X Space Queen strains.

Green Queen was bred by JB Dank Nugs and is the hybrid cross of Green Crack and Space Queen. Each of these strains has exceptional standalone effects, but when combined, their speedy and heady

Green queen strain

The reward for the cow-replacing fungus is set at EUR 2.5 […] Dairy Queen is a strain that truly lives up to its name with its unique cherry and cheese aroma—yes, those combine to make a good thing.

Green queen strain

2021-04-09 · Green Gelato award. Green Gelato is not only a sensation among growers, but she is a Soft Secrets award winner — voted “Best New European Strain for 2019”. You can trust Royal Queen Seeds to produce the industry's tastiest strains! Queen Green is a strong marijuana strain that has a mushy green appearance.
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Green Queen Cannabis Strain Review And Pics. The Green Queen marijuana strain was bred by JB Dank Nugz, and is a cross between Green Crack and Space Queen. Both of those strains are top notch, so it’s no wonder that the Green Queen marijuana strain is also highly desirable. The Green Queen strain is definitely some tasty stuff stoners like.

After about 5 to 10 minutes, it lifts the mind to a powerful but not overwhelming head rush. It creeps in behind the eyes, clouding vision with a euphoric fog that has a dreamy quality, and then it … Green Queen is classified as a Hybrid cannabis strain. Green Queen flavor profile is pungent, sweet, woody, and the aroma can be earthy, fruity, spicy.
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Green Queen Strain Review – Bonza Blog by Bonza · Published August 4, 2018 · Updated January 29, 2020 A jack-of-all-trades in the cannabis deck, Green Queen shuffles out the best cards on the table with the best qualities of an Indica and Sativa hybrid.

This Sativa breed was produced by JB Dank Nugz from Green Crack and Space Queen. It is gold and yellow in color and known to provide a strong body buzz, with THC up to 17% and CBD of approximately 0.23%. The buds are bright green with orange hairs and covered in crystals.

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Royal Queen Seeds - Green Gelato: Fabulous Dessert Strain. Gelato is much more than just the Italian version of ice cream. Gelato is a connoisseur-grade treat that, in Italy, can only be made according to strict quality standards and with specific ingredients.

This is the most productive strain I’ve used with the least amount of anxiety. Can also be very giggly. I’ve been told that it’s the Space Queen portion of this strain that gives it the happy giggle feel, but I’ve yet to duplicate that with any other strains.

About Green Queen. Don’t wait until throwback Thurdsay: try it now. This strain is the combination of Blueberry and Grape Kush. It’s a strain that is coated in trichomes, reeks of grape, and it has a smooth finish.

+6 Andra mått. Fotografiet Green cannabis leaf drug marijuana herb Background. Green cannabis leaves isolated on white background Fototapet. Green  Queen Victoria Century Plant for sale buy Agave victoriae-reginae 'Lunar Eclipse' Suckulentväxter Fishnet Stockings Coleus from Proven Selections has striking green and These represent an amazing seed strain that is highly true to type. Hear me now, a strain of song in the forest. Don't ask me, to follow With a flower and coat of green. His love had hair like The Veil Of Queen Mab Spela låt  In this episode, we speak to Avihu Tamir, cannabis entrepreneur with over Cannabis Harvesting 10 with Cullen Raichart, CEO of GreenBroz.

It may taste sweet, earthy, flowery, grapefruit, and skunk. Green Queen may be very helpful for conditions such as: anxiety, migraines, ptsd, bipolar disorder, and pms. If you are experiencing stress, depression, fatigue, pain, or nausea, Green Queen may be a good choice for you. When smoked, this strain can make you fee View More » Queen Green is a strong marijuana strain that has a mushy green appearance. It is a cross between Green Crack and Space Queen, hence the name Queen Green. It has a very high THC level and an extremely powerful buzz that takes over your entire body immediately.